!!Attention!! Because of many orders world wide and the fact that manouche picks is a one-man artisan workshop we have a delay of delivery of 2 weeks from the moment you order.

RS Manouche


the RS is Rhythm and Solo in one pick equal to model manouche but with wider shoulders, the pick is created out of the trias shape with 2 rounded shoulders its the big brother of model manouche standard,  the perfect rounded shoulders and the bevel all over the sides and back make this great pick a must have for Gypsy jazz or any Django guitar player this pick is a hot seller and is made with the same thumb indent and grip stripes on the back as model manouche haves ,, highly recommended in the Shellrin material line ,but of course in all materials available,

  • Gauge 2,5 - 6
  • Size 29 x 31
  • Price 18,50