!!Attention!! Because of many orders world wide and the fact that manouche picks is a one-man artisan workshop we have a delay of delivery of 2 weeks from the moment you order.


Artisan Jokko created a unique bevel technique, which makes for a great roll of and precision playing. A unique bevel for each playing style. The different bevels used on the guitar picks, make the pick move quickly and accurately from point to point on your instrument. The good grip makes sure that the pick will not slip or fall out of your hand. The Manouche pick is perfectly balanced to help you reach the next level in playing your instrument.

Manouchepicks designs different shapes and gauges, be amazed at what a sharper tip or a heavier gauge can do for you. You may be attached to a certain shape, but as your playing develops, you may find that a different shape becomes more desirable. Experimenting is the only way to find the pick that best represents the sound you would like to hear. To help you in this process, the shapes specifics are listed below. It is possible to custom design your own pick, for example in-or excluding dimple or surface holes.

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207 Django series
Model Django details
Model Giovanni details
207 Gypsy Jazz series
Model Model Pierre details
Model BigTino details
Model R 207 W details
Model New !!! Master Grip Matrix details
Model Romino details
Model Joseph details
Model Feigelie details
Model Esmee details
Model Eliza details
345 Mando series
Model Mando details
346 Trias series
Model Trias standard details
Model Trias rounded details
Model Tresto details
Model Perry details
348 Big Jazz series
Model RS Manouche details
Model Manouche details
Model Vintage Jazz details
Model Nousche details
Model Big Jazz details
348 Little Jazz series
Model Little jazz standard details
Model Stochelo Rosenberg signature details
Model Duncan details
351 Original series
Model Ronan / Nolan details
Model Original details
354 Tears series