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Galalith Ivory / Tortoise Replica the Real Deal

The galalith is made of casein protein /formaldehyde.

The look and feel comes as close to real ivory and Tortoise Shell as it can get.
over 99 % similar because casein is the protein that tortoise and ivory also have knowen as Keratine
The grip is very good, which makes the playability smooth and easy Galalith is the oldest plastic replacement materias in the world and one of the most used material for picks ,,


Warm bass, smooth rounded mid- and high tones. Overall sound can be described as deep  and warm.
Relatively low pick noise top material for the real deal replacement

1,5 – 6 mm

Available Colors

  • Ivory
  • Tortoise
  • Amber
  • Jade
  • pearl 3D