!!Attention!! Because of many orders world wide and the fact that manouche picks is a one-man artisan workshop we have a delay of delivery of 2 weeks from the moment you order.


We do not leave any stone unturned when it comes to finding the perfect materials. We strive to offer you the best replacement for tortoise shell and ivory. They provide the best combination of tonal sound and physical flexibility for picking strings. We carefully selected a mix of environmentally friendly materials such as cotton fibre, artificial proteins and natural co-polymer. These materials create the foundation for the perfect pick with the lowest wear.

Art Nouveau Serie

This material is made of bioplast/cotton fibre. The look and feel comes as close to real tortoise shell as it can get.

  • Blue ocean
  • Red fire
  • Safari

Shellrin Tortoise

Specifications Shellrin tortoise the vintage gypsy jazz pick sound this tortoise design shellrin is a new art nouveau like material the wear and density are better ,, the total strenght and low wear are up to 50 % better than the already superior art nouveau serie for tortoise picks below 2 mm we use standard…

  • Shellrin Tortoise

Super Ivorin available as long as stocked

Specifications¬† super ivorin sold out this material will soon be replaced by our new concept HX super ivorin Gauge 2 – 4  


Shell tone Original

This material is made of cotton fibre polyamide acetal

  • Shell tone black
  • Shell tone white
  • Shell tone blue

Galalith Ivory / Tortoise Replica

The galalith is made of casein protein/formaldehyde

  • Ivory
  • Tortoise
  • Amber
  • Jade
  • pearl 3D