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Where it was Mario Maccaferri that designed the famous Dhole ,Selmer did some changes to the design and the Selmer jazz was born , 

now many luthiers as Bustao,Favino,Castelluccia,Patenotte made a jazz guitar close to the Selmer Jazz model but all had differences because of the Selmer patent on the dimensions, 

but the outlines of the guitar looked all the same long scaled archtop guitars with a cutaway as Maccaferri designed it.

in that old school line of luthiers you can add Cyril Gaffiero Luthier Artisan, with eyes for construction details Cyril makes the guitars to his specs and dimensions body dept and wide,neck angle,top arch and other details make him a luthier that follows his own ideas and knowledge of lutherie.

but for a accurate Selmer or Favino copy you are on the right address as well 100 % copy,s can be made or customized wishes can be agreed up on ,,, 

but the guitars made to Cyril Own specs are worth to tray 

they stand for loud complex tone ,,

easy playability and comfortable light wight good balanced guitars.

when you consider buying a model jazz you seriously -

need to tray out the Cyril Gaffiero line 

we offer some demo,s to check out at our work shop.

as we always say for the same money you can own a Gaffiero!!!

The Harmony between you and your instrument.