this is by far the lowest wear material in the history of guitar picks
the tone is like real tortoise shell, Ivory, and other natural materials that fall in the category as shell ,,protein enriched cotton fibre mixed in to polyacetal formaldehyde result in the best possible picks in the market today !!!! Patented ,,,,, only available at

The available Materials
for models see shape page

Art Nouveau line - Natural Acoustics - Tortoise serie,s for gypsy jazz

Art Deco line - pearl  all style,s

    Ivory - Shellrin - specially for gypsy jazz

On this page you find our materials we offer - choose the material or colour you like add this material to the Shape you like.
 and you have assembled your special pick.

Art Deco line - Lava stone  rock, pop, bluegrass, and so on





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The 5 materials below are made of 100 % bio cotton fibre , they are 99% close to real tortoise shell
the sound ,,the feel ,, stickiness ,, it have a basic bass register ,, strong mid and power full high tone colour
by many player,s in different style these picks are pronounced as the BEST !!!!!!!

Ivory replica

material is Galalith triple A quality
90% natural material is made from protein/paraldehyde  

this is 99,9% as real ivory the picks have also a grain in grey as real ivory have ,, warm,round tone

Blue and Red pearl 3D

made of Acrylic Copolymer extra hard and low wear

they have small pieces of silver mixed in the Acrylic Copolymer
and give a extra ordinary deep 3D effect.

Black carbon/acryl lava stone

high quality superior tone
natural bright with  strong midtone color sparkeling high tone,s,,
the carbon make it hard and durable

Green and orange acryl lava  stone

same high quality as the black only a bit warmer ,, the green and orange don't have carbon witch make it sound rounder all over

Tortoise shell                    Red fire tortoise                      Bleu ocean tortoise                      Safari  tortoise                      Black tortoise
  ( specially for 5 and 6 mm)

The Harmony between you and your instrument.

NEW NEW NEW!!!! Cotton Fibre Arcylic Copolymer all styles


scratch free acryl witch is cotton fibre enriched

Lemon Yellow and Cranberry red,

mando schlenker

351 dunlop

and trias

in gauge 1,25 mm - 1,5 mm 1,75 mm - 2 mm- 2,5 mm - 3 mm

highest quality ivory/tortoise available

Limited available

Limited available

Limited available

2 mm

3 & 4

the material Gelrin = now officially Shellrin!!!