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Welcome at Manouche picks Atelier

Manouchepicks.com is a one man workshop in the Netherlands.
Each pick is hand cut and shaped until its ready.
Our picks are the finest in the world. The choice of many legendary guitarists, Manouche picks can be custom designed by mixing and matching materials and shapes.

Recommended by Guitar Aficionado Magazine  

Recommended by Guitar Aficionado Magazine  

Artisan at work

Hello Welcome to manouchepicks.com the website is under construction but all items can be ordered
a new webshop is coming soon thanks for understanding

Manouche picks succeeded in developing materials, that copy most used natural materials by using cotton fibre and amino fibres.
These fibres are mixed with polymer and acrylic resins to acquire the correct density and structure.

Manouche picks belong to the best in the market ,, we carefully selected the best shapes and we work with the finest artist world wide ,, we work with them and collaborate to achieve the best possible.  

How to Order your personal pick ??

1) choose the material or colour you like as listed on Materials page

2) add the shape you like listed on  Shapes page

3) specify the thickness in mm and you are ready to order !!!

Available bevels are: right hand as we use standard -
left hand special order / universal right/ left special order.





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Our picks are used by the Dutch Rosenberg, Prisor, Grunholz, Weiss, Wagner families,
Also outside the jazz music the picks are used by many guitarists and in all genres worldwide !!!
Customers  who happily use our picks in studio and on stage, day after day among them are Perry Stenbäck - John Jorgenson -Adam Schlenker - Duncan Sykora and many more.

Amoung all my picks yours are the best !!

Lugano Wagner - Netherlands

Best picks ever!

Matthew Mockovic - Sydney

Djangojazz Manouche Picks
The best picks in the world !!
U cannot find a better pick anywhere
Guaranteed !!

Henri Francois Usa

Jokko's smooth material and bevel make his Djangojazz Manouche Picks the best for a warm sound!!

Paul Davis Usa

The Manouchepicks are amazing!
Great picks,great service,

Stochelo Rosenberg :

Some people are skilled players ,some others are great luthiers ,but Jokko at Manouchepicks is the best pick maker simple as that.

without no doubt the best !!!

Nousche Rosenberg

Jokko Djangojazz Manouche, Picks You are the best!!

Irene Ypenburg - Amsterdam

Djangojazz Manouche Picks, thank you for making incredible tools to pick with.

Adam Schlenker - USA

The best picks I've ever used,  
made by hand here in Europe...
Thanks 'Jokko ' for making picks for Rock Guitarist too.

Duncan Sykora - UK

This pick are AMAZING!! Works baddas on elecrtic too
oh yea! I Don't need to carry any other,
I wouldn't want to change it its perfect they are built to last

Dino Gonzo - Usa

Best guitar picks !!

Mogeli Geisler - Germany (Sinto)

Thanks Jokko for your great picks, the material is very good and makes the guitar sound great
These are the best picks I've ever used.

Smeily Wienes-Adler - germany

Les meilleurs médiators tout simplement: le choix de matériaux de formes et d'épaisseur permet à chaque guitariste de trouver ce qui convient à son jeu, quelque soit son style de musique.

Simply the best picks ever made: every guitarist can find what fits the best his playing among the large choice of material, shape and thickness, whatever style of music he plays.

Cyril Gaffiero - France

Dear jokko from manouchepicks.
let me tell you a little story i went crazy a week or two ago when i lost my favorite cottonfiber pick (the orange/black one) did search everywhere my guitarcase, my car, my jacket, my suit all over the house never found it untill i was driving this friday back from work feeling something in my chestpocket and it was the pick i was looking for 2 weeks went home playing my guitar with it for 2 hours what im trying to say you make the best picks!! Thanks for the good work.

Moreno Brandt - Netherlands (related to Tata Mirando Orchestra)

Gaffiero hand build guitars

The Harmony between you and your instrument.

Please note all orders will take 2 weeks before we ship !!!  
And the material Gelrin = now officially Shellrin!!!